About Us

The Brewster Fire Department is a volunteer department that provides Fire and EMS services to the Village of Brewster and portions of Sugarcreek & Tuscarawas Twps.   Established in 1918, the Brewster Fire Department today comprises of 7 emergency vehicles and a restored 1942 pumper used for parades and other special events.  We currently have 24 volunteer fireman including five who are trained with the 240 hour (professional firefighter) certification.   Our EMS personnel include 8 Paramedics and 12 EMT's.  In 2006, The Village of Brewster hired a full time paramedic and additional part time paramedics to staff the station each day from 6a-6p in order to assure Advanced Life Care is available.   We are also fortunate to have an EMS Instructors on our roster.  He has established this department as a training center and is able to provide training to our personnel to help us maintain a high standard of care.  We also have a Fire Instructor and two Fire Inspectors. 


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